Cotton Beach Club Radioshow by Dalibor Dadoff

28 April, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Creating the Cotton Sound for the Cotton Beach Club and Cotton Lounge Club is an on-going project involving a range of artists but consistently centered around the work of resident DJs Dalibor Dadoff.

Working from a base of Deep House, Cotton incorporates a range of styles and genres to create a signature soundscape that is very often vocal and involves live instruments like piano, sax, cello, or clarinet. Sonic qualities include slower beats-per-minute, emotionality, jazz-influences, and dissonant melodies.

Live performances often feature London-born vocal artist, guitarist and composer Gigi McFarlane and resident musicians Samuel Perez, Pere Navarro Torres, Gabor, and Nacho.​

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