A glimpse of Ibiza with Ibiza Global TV & Ibiza.travel

Ibiza Global Radio and TV has started a collaboration with the “Consell Insular de Ibiza” & Ibiza.travel
Ibiza.travel is showing some of the things that the island has to offer. In this post, we are showing some videos so you feel like you are on the island.
These amazing short video clips are showing a glimpse of the culture, nature, atmosphere and that special Ibiza-feeling.

Episode 1
This video is showing the traditional ancient Ibizan dance, ball pagé. The dance is still performed around the island. During the dance, the man is playing a dominant role, choosing which woman he would like to dance with the first round. When he is done, the next man dances with the first women who danced and then it continues like that. A man is not allowed to dance with the same woman more times than others. It is seen as an honour to be the first woman proposed to dance.
The clothes they are wearing are typical traditional Ibizan clothing.

Episode 2
Horses can be found around the island, giving you the opportunity to see the island from completely other angles than ever before.

Episode 3
Sun, sunset, daytime and nighttime clubbing, happy faces and drinks. What else do you need?

Episode 4
Ibiza, and the Mediterranean, in general, is known for is their wonderful food. Food is a social activity that can easily take several hours while eating and talking. Ibiza also produces their own wine with a handful of wineries spread over the island. The wine they make is with the focus on quality and not quantity.

Episode 5
With this teaser of Dalt Vila, the old part of Ibiza town, you get an impression of which kind of city it was before. Step into an area that contains visible signs of 2.500 years of history. Dalt Vila is best to access by foot. Bring good walking shoes because this city is encouraging you to keep exploring!

Episode 6
Apart from all the different activities, you can be a part of, the raw nature of Ibiza is something unique. Allow yourself to explore the islands and its natural beauty.
With more than 220 kilometre coastline and more than 60 beaches and coves, there should be enough to explore for almost every level of adventurous persons, with options starting from ultimate relaxation and ending in exploring raw nature or doing cliff diving.

Episode 7
There is a lot of traditions connected to Ibiza. One of them is being social together and enjoy a good time in the sun. A mix of various cultures influencing the island from the very beginning has resulted in a unique mix of building style and culture in general.

Episode 8
The dog in this clip isn’t just a dog, but the Ibizan hound that originally was bred to hunt rabbits on the island. Today, it can still be used for hunting but more and more have it as a pet.
These two short clips shows exactly what Ibiza has to offer; from culture, animals, traditions, activities and stunning nature that are just waiting to be explored.

Episode 9
The last short clip shows exactly what Ibiza has to offer; from culture, animals, traditions, activities and stunning nature that are just waiting to be explored.