Some programs you will need for initiating in musical production

In Ibiza Global, we are mad for our work and for electronic music. We are delighted to have working hand-to-hand with us international DJs like Jose María Ramon, Miguel Garji, Anna Tur… And we are also delighted by the fact that our precious island is considered as the paradise of clubbing. Each summer, we receive visits of DJs like Carl Cox, Marco Carola, Sven Väth

We really love all of them, but we also want to discover some unknown young music producers with talent and future. All of them started from the bottom and now are on the top lists of DJs. Who knows, maybe the next top DJ has not started producing yet. Maybe because he has not the equipment necessary to do it or maybe he has not enough time to enter into this complicated world.

In Ibiza Global, we want to encourage you to start shaping your musical ideas into something tangible, into a DJ set or song that can be shared with your friends. Music is in the brain, the rhythm is in your body, but you need to translate them using a producing program. For that reason, we are going to recommend you some different programs for starting producing and making electronic music.


Ableton is one of the most complete solutions available for computers in order to start producing and making. Ableton is an audio and MIDI sequencer that can be used as a simple musical instrument more. In this program, you can find some functions like advanced edition or the possibility of using optional instruments like electric (that resembles an electric piano) and other more.

This computer program has been designed not only for musical composition but also for performing live sessions.

Logic Pro

Logic Pro is a digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer software application developed by a German software developer called Emagic, but became an Apple product after the purchase of Emagic by the Apple Company.

Logic Pro provides software instruments, audio effects and recording facilities for music synthesis. There are a lot of different built-in instruments or samples including synths, vintage keyboards, a drum machine, and sampler. Moreover, you can use a hundred effects including reverbs, delays, EQs, dynamics, amps and stompboxes.

The worst part is about capacity. You will need 5GB of capacity for downloading the program and later, you will need more than that for making additional in-app downloads.

If you want to start producing just for fun, you can also download some of these apps.

Steinberg Cubasis

This app available for iPad is less advanced than the 2 previous ones but it is a very popular digital audio workstation among music producers. It allows you countless features like unlimited audio/MIDI tracks, high-quality resolution, audio loops, a sample and key editor… It can be used for a simple and easy song idea or for making a new hit.

If you don´t want to pay for producing your music, we have also one possible solution.

Maybe you were thinking about GarageBand, but in reality, we know another app which suits better with your ambitions.

Its name is Tracktion T6

Tracktion T6 is a free audio sequencer with no track limits or other limitations that other producing apps have. The reason behind that is the idea in mind of the developers: “We think you will enjoy using the app so much, you will discover the value in investing in our latest versions and the expanded features we are voraciously adding.”

It is a producing and mixing app designed with the key objective of simplicity on using. Every section is scalable, so you can adjust to suit your workflow and the bottom panel changes to display whichever parameters you’ve selected elsewhere on the screen.

Hope that this post has helped you and encourage you to start producing. If DJs are always the same, music will be always the same. We need to innovate and change in order to grow and learn.