Deepfusion 124BPM and its commitment to Spanish DJs

Ibiza Global TV is providing the best house music 365 days a year. Its live radio shows allow people to feel like clubbing while they are in their house. As we said in the previous posts, September means that summer is almost over, but September does not mean that good house music has ended. Unless in Ibiza Global TV.

We have been talking about live radio shows like LG2D Club or It’s all about the music, but today it’s time to mention another one that we also really like. Deepfusion 124BPM is continuously growing its fanbase and its music is enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world.

As we are working hand to hand with the different artists of this radio show, we are in the best position to select some sessions we think they best reflect the message we want to transmit. Here is our selection! Hope you enjoy!

Medusa Odyssey

Diego Ben and Mariano Zabal created Medusa Odyssey after being playing and experimenting with the idea of joining electronic music and instruments. Its innovative proposal is so appealing and people like the final result.

Their style, which is very particular, allows them to adapt to every venue or situation in which they have to perform. In 2016 Medusa Odyssey release the first album “Upside Down” with AudioBite Records from the USA.

Javi Muñoz

This innovative DJ is nowadays an essential DJ in the Ibiza’s night. Its deep house, funk, disco style can be enjoyed in clubs like Privilege or Space, where he works as a resident DJ, and also in other key clubs of the Ibiza’s summer like Amnesia or Pacha.

He has not only performed across the Spanish territory but also across the entire world in such places like Queen (Paris), Ministry (Moscow), Joia (Miami)… A complete lover of house music and of his job.

Miguel Garji

If Javi Muñoz is more directly related to electro house, this DJ is more related to Deep house, so the radio show fits really well with his style. This talented DJ born in Madrid is able to change and adapt his style to any venue or party in which he performs. We have seen him performing his traditional deep house but also he knows how to prepare a good energetic session of tech house.

The prizes he has been winning during the last years are the good prove to show he’s a nice DJ but the best way to show it is by listening to him in the sessions of Ibiza Global TV.

Javi Viana

The teammate of Miguel Garji has also a spot in our today’s selection. The two of them offer their productions through well-known labels such as Blue Dye, DeepClass Records or Alma Soul Music. His style moves between Tech House and Leftfield House, and his enthusiastic personality makes that his sessions are very dynamic and energetic.

Knowing that prestige he has, it is an absolute honor to have him on our live radio show on Mondays from 13h to 14h. Due to the fact that Ibiza is a multicultural and an open island, our DJs must be international too. Javi Viana has performed in clubs across the entire world like Coco Maya (Mexico), Raspoutine (France), Aria (Israel)…

This is our personal selection but you can watch and enjoy the whole on our website.