Electronic music for a better world

We are sure that you already are very well aware that electronic music is making your life better. But did you know that there are an electronic music non-profit organizations for people in need?
has for long been an integrated part of the culture within the world of electronic music. Even though the industry has developed, we still remember how to act after the mantra: peace, love, unity and respect.
In this post, we are taking a closer look at which organizations that are making a difference.


Last Night A DJ Saved My Life  
Last night a DJ saved my life. Literally.
The organization was founded in 2010 to create awareness and donate money to specific projects.
The projects depend on what is necessary at the moment. The most recent activity has until now provided 22 wells to give 22 cities in Africa clean water. This has until now saved an estimate of more than 23.000 people, based on the number of inhabitants in the cities.

If you want to participate in the project, you have more options: besides donating money, they also offer activities for everyone to participate in.
A current possibility is a cycling tour at Ibiza that takes place from the 17-19th of May 2018. While participating, individual founds will be set up in order to support a specific cause. This year the profit goes to support Children’s Cleft Pallet operations in the Philippines.
If cycling isn’t your thing, you can choose to climb Kilimanjaro in honour for a good case instead.
It is also possible to donate directly through the website, choosing which cause you want to participate in.

The different projects at the page are supported by follow-ups stories and an insight into how the improvements have changed the lives of the involved people.

The ambassador for the project is Eats Everything.
Eats Everything has since 2011 went through a massive and fast moving development with his music career and has now taken on this project.

Techno For Humanity  
Techno For Humanity is a Belgium project that got founded in 2015.
This year they will host their first one-day festival whereas all profit goes directly to charity funds. The date of the event is the 15th of April 2018.

The persons involved in the project are working on a volunteer basis, even the DJs are playing for free to contribute to a higher profit.
Examples of the charity projects could be the mobile school, which is a Belgian organization that helps and provide educational material to kids on the streets spread over Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.
Another example is the fight for animal rights in Belgium and the Netherlands. This organization is an action group against animal testing.
Each of the three stages at the festival will support their chosen charity fund.
There will be uploaded more charity founds at the site as they are chosen by the company and its stakeholders.

The events hosted have a high focus on sustainability; this can be seen in the range of food offered whereas everything is either vegetarian or vegan.  Furthermore is the use of plastic reduced as much as possible, for example is straws banned. The festivals are fully dependent on green energy to reduce the CO2 emission.
The only thing that is not reduced is the quality of the lineup. Expect to find DJs like Amelie Lens, Pan-Pot, Nick Warren, Danny Howells, Emerson, Seth Troxler, Dubfire, Eats Everything and Tijana T.

support by partying!

Music Against Animal Cruelty
This alliance is created to save and protect animals in danger to be extinct.
The organization makes profit by hosting music events whereas the turnover goes to protect animals.
By creating awareness to a serious topic with the help of entertainment, the organization is hoping to be able to make a difference.
Names like Nicole Moudaber, Tiga, Audiofly, Chris Liebing, Dubfire and Ida Engberg are currently a part of the organization.

The fact that 20% of all the species in the world could be extinct in the next 30 years is calling for action. You can participate and thereby support, at one of their many events. The events are for example being held in Dalt Vila (Ibiza)Toronto and Nairobi. See all events here.

An amount of the ticket price goes to support the animals.

Electronic Music Alliance Global 
This non-profit organization from the US are highlighting best practices in the culture of electronic music, from a safe party environment to leaving the festival area clean.
To help on a specific cause, other organizations go together with EMA to increase the awareness. Examples of previous projects are: abused and traumatized women, donating food to obtain a VIP ticket at a given festival and mentoring programmes for young people-
Right now, they are focusing on the cause to clean places from trash.
How the campaign is executed is not told yet, but the message is clear – to get rid of polluting plastic and trash.
The full project is launched at earth week which is held in April.


It isn’t only organizations that are taking care of different environmental issues, for example, has Ibiza and Mallorca agreed on a law that bans single-use plastic from the year of 2020. This is to protect the environment and of course also to preserve the beautiful spots that we love the most.

Take advantage of the strength of unity, together we can make a difference.