The Old Ibiza: the 60s, a creative decade

Ibiza, the island where clubs, house, beaches and great gastronomy combine perfectly, has not always been as we know it now. The history of Ibiza has changed a lot in only 50 years until becoming the most famous destination in the world for clubbing. International DJ’s, stars and tourists from every corner of the world arrive at Ibiza every year looking for the authentic paradise, but there was a time where everything was different. From the 60s to the arrival of the second millennium we are going to show you in some posts how the life of the White Island has evolved.

The creative movement that began in the 60s was caused by the hippie culture, which emerged due to the paradisiac look of Ibiza. Its mix of freedom and mysticism attracted a lot of hippies from different countries, creating a creative current that nowadays still is remembered. Ibiza became the place where everything was allowed, and the place where some intellectuals, artists, painters and photographers established their residence with the aim of taking advantage of this magical island.

Hippies from everywhere began to make handicrafts and organized street markets where they sold these handicrafts. Nowadays, Las Dalias tries to conserve the essence of these street markets and all its mysticism. Furthermore, hippies created communes in the countryside and transformed some places such as Benirràs, Sa Pedrera or Punta Galera in authentic temples of the hippie culture.

At the same time, important artists landed in the island like Pink Floyd. This group composed some of these songs such as Ibiza Bar in their CD More, inspired by Formentera and the Pitiusas’s charm. Others like Bee Gees or Cat Stevens played its music around Ibiza with ease and ease.

As we can see in the next video, Ibiza in the 60s was a rural village, with an uncrowded old town and hippies, artists and Ibizan neighbors sharing together this fantastic place.