Let’s save the Posidonia. One action, global effect!

We talk about music, but we feel identified with more stuff. Ibiza is music, party, food, sightseeing, photos… and beach. Every one of us enjoy spending all day long in that paradisiac beaches, but most people don’t take into account that this places are nature, and we don’t give them the care they need.

That said, we are going to introduce you the Posidonia, a must have at beaches.

Posidonia is an aquatic plant that is often mistaken for an algae. From a characteristic living green on the seabed, it can die and end up on the beaches, creating mountains of straw waste – harmless – that often displease tourists. But the Posidonia has an incalculable ecological value and for that reason we should respect its habitats and protect it.

The seabeds of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera harbor extensive eight-kilometer-long oceanic Posidonia meadows with more than 100,000 years of life, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.
This underwater forest, which extends from Es Freus (Formentera) to the beach of Ses Salines (Ibiza), is the habitat of numerous species and responsible for the transparency and turquoise color of the waters of Ibiza and Formentera, turning them into one of the best places in the Mediterranean to dive.


Not only is it a problem that people think is ‘unsightly’ for beaches, there are three more serious problems:

The contamination by spills and plastic waste.
The sun creams damage the health of the waters, because they affect the marine animals and the mussel colonies.
Marine noise pollution: There is too much noise in the sea. The fish make noise and now it is impossible to listen to them. Protected areas have secured seabed, but the surface is a continuous highway of boats and noise.
Mass tourism in the Balearic Islands: Tourists leave the hotel in the morning in search of the first line of the sea and they stay there all day long.

A ‘clean’ beach without posidonia? Or, a clean beach with posidonia? The second question is what we should keep in mind. You can enjoy the holidays being respectful with the environment. You will do well to yourself and also to the planet!!