The four Cardinal Points of Ibiza.

Despite its small size, you can get completely different experiences depending on your location on the island. In this post, we are therefore splitting the island up into four parts; north, south, east and west. Continue reading and get inspired to plan your next Ibiza trip.


The North of the island has a lot of raw, unspoiled nature. At the same time, this is also the place that most often is connected with the hippie movement and the bohemian culture. This results are: a quiet area, which is creating the best conditions for a vacation that has a main focus on relaxation and to enjoy the stunning nature.
The northern part is Ibiza is very much suitable for families or persons that just want to discover another side of the island.
Here it is possible to rent an ATV or even a horse to get to see the island from another angle than you wouldn’t have been able to do by foot or car.
If you are interested in the culture of Ibiza, you might have heard about the ancient traditional dance, Ball Page, which can be seen in front of the church in San Miguel every Sunday. You can read more about the dance and what Ibiza has to offer here.
If you get tempted to try some of the nightlife Ibiza has to offer, Portinax can offer a nightlife that should give the last impression of the full Ibiza experience.
Special landmarks in the north

Hippie markets, such as the famous Dalias market is very popular and typical of that area.  You can visit Benirras beach to see the most stunning sunset and see hundreds of people perform by drumming to the sunset.


Opposite to the northern part, the south contains much more activities and some of the super clubs, such as and Ushuaïa are located here. Even though it is a buzzing area, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to relax; there are plenty beaches and beautiful spots where its possible to try various watersport activities.
It is possible to catch a boat and go on an adventure from Playa D’Bossa, for example to Formentera.
The south is more dominated by parties but it is still a great place to relax, enjoy the Mediterranean food and explore spectacular nature.
The largest city, Ibiza Town, is located in the south, offering all the activities you could wish for a city. Spend a day there to experience this international and buzzing city or explore the old part, Dalt Vila.
Special landmarks in the south

Es Vedra is located south-west of Ibiza. The small rocky island is the main role in several myths about that area. The Ibizian version of Atlantis is to be found. Find spectacular rock formations that originally have been used to make watch towers and enjoy an absolutely unique experience of Ibiza.


At the east side, you will find many beautiful coves, for example; Cala Nova, Cala Llonga and Cala Mestella just to mention a few. The only golf course is to be found close to Santa Eulalia, which is the third largest city in Ibiza.  It is a more relaxed side of the island where the focus is more bars and restaurants compared to clubs and discos.
Santa Eulalia is therefore a more quiet choice, great for ultimate relaxation.
Special landmarks at the east side

The only golf course is found in this area. Santa Eulalia is the only place at the Balearics you will find a river.


When you talk about the west side of Ibiza, San Antonio will appear first in the mind of a lot of people. It was the main party location in the 80’ and 90’s and still has a reputation for being a party city. Today, parties are still taking place there, but under time restrictions. For a true Ibiza-enthusiast, visiting Café Del Mar is a must while you are in that area.
San Antonio is not the only that side of the island has to offer. If you go more south you can experience Sa Talaia which is with its 475 meters the highest point at Ibiza. Hike to the top to get a beautiful and special view over Ibiza.
Special landmarks at the west side

The beautiful sunsets around San Antonio’s Sunset Strip.

It can be a luxury problem to choose between these beautiful spots. To make the confusion even bigger, you should have a look at the beautiful beaches or coves of Ibiza.