The “payesa” gastronomy: the secret ingredient for your unforgettable holidays in Ibiza.

The fame of Ibiza is undoubtable. It is one of the favourite tourist destinations worldwide. It is a paradise formed by charming beaches, parties until dawn and coves that make everyone to fall in love with. But Ibiza is more than this. The “Payesa” gastronomy, the traditional cuisine, is a delight for the palate. It is a mixture of local habits and the Mediterranean cuisine, so as to create a unique flavor. Here we show some of the most special dishes that you can not miss:

So as to enjoy a summery dish, go for the Ibizan-style “payesa” salad. It is made with boiled potatoes, tomato, green pepper, tuna and onion. Add a little oil and salt and… voilà! A very light typical dish. It is perfect for summer holidays.

The “bullit de peix” is a popular recipe that consists of a stew of fish and potatoes. Although there are different variations of this dish, it is traditionally served without broth and complemented with aioli. After the rock fish (grouper, monkfish or “rotja”, among others) it is the turn to taste the arroz a banda or arroz caldoso as a second course.


You can also choose other typical dishes such as “fried octopus”. It consists of a rehash of garlic, onion, red pepper and potatoes, accompanied by octopus. This dish can be accompanied with a glass of red wine to enjoy it to the fullest.

If instead of fish you want to taste the meat, the “sofrit pagès” is the perfect choice. This stew is typically eaten on winter days and especially at Christmas time. It is prepared with lamb, chicken, potatoes and legumes. The special element of the dish is the sobrasada and the butifarró. Without a doubt, it is an overwhelming dish that you can not miss.


The “flaó” is one of the typical Ibizan desserts. It consists of eggs, sugar, fresh cheese and a bit of mint, which gives the special touch. It was formerly consumed at Easter but nowadays it is one of the most famous dishes that can be found on the island.

If you do not dare with flaó, you can always try the “greixonera”. It is similar to pudding but is made with ensaimadas, milk with cinnamon and lemon. It is a sure bet of the payesa gastronomy.


These are some of the traditional dishes that you can try during your stay in Ibiza. What are you waiting for? If you weren’t sure about where to spend your holidays, the Balearic scenario will not disappoint you. Prepare your bags and your stomach, an exciting trip is waiting for you!

Source: Nils Nedel