Maya Jane Coles releases action-packed short film sequel ‘True Love To The Grave’

Continuing to whet our appetites for the hotly anticipated drop of her new album Night Creature on October 29th, Maya Jane Coles has released the second part of the edgy short film that accompanies her song ‘Run To You’ and new track ‘True Love To The Grave’. 

The sequel picks up from the cliffhanger ending of chapter one, which saw the DJ and producer immerse herself in the underbelly of city life to hunt down and assassinate a target in a seductive adventure inspired by pop culture hits Killing Eve and Kill Bill.

Directed by Charlie Lightning, both parts of the short film were filmed in and around London club The Fold and feature a cast made up entirely of LGBTQI characters. 

Maya says of the project, “Queer people, especially women, often don’t often get portrayed in ways that are interesting and alternative on screen so we wanted to make something that was unapologetically female centred, queer, intersectional, dark, moody and ferocious. Hopefully, even in lockdown, I think we pulled it off!”

‘True Love To The Grave’ sees the British-Japanese artist act alongside an all-star cast that includes the likes of Skin (Skunk Anansie), artist, songwriter and producer Claudia Kane, and some of London’s most well known Queer artists, activists, designers and performers.

Fans with an eagle eye will spot the likes of London Trans Pride and Harpies founder Lucia Blayke, Lewis Burton (founder Inferno & performance artist), Stella Marbles (founder Cookie Jar, mask maker), Max the Tribrid (model), Emily Crooked (activist, writer), Spook (visual artist), Fifi Rong (artist, producer), Juni Da Moment (fashion designer, dancer), Alexis Meshida (actress, activist, model), Cassandra (performance artist), Ashraf (Drag Race UK Pit Crew), Wax Wings (DJ, graphic designer), Becky Stroke (founder HTBX), Steven Braines (co-founder HE. SHE. THEY.), Sophia Kearney (HE. SHE. THEY.), RUTHLSS (DJ), Glam Clam (performer) and Olivia Strange (Artist).

The slick aesthetic and edgy vibe of the video perfectly fits the haunting and sultry nature of the track, which is written, produced, engineered, mixed and performed by Maya.

It’s another exciting expression of creativity from the polymath, which continues to tantalise us with fresh material until Night Creature finally becomes available.