Mile & Flip feat. SISKA release new single “Pressure”

Hot on the heels of the release of their feel-good-radio-hit “The People”, which has already been air-played over 1.000 times on radio stations from all over the world, musical duo Mile & Flip are back with their second single “Pressure”.

The rapper and producer team joined forces with musician and songwriter SISKA for the hypnotic tune, who lent her outstanding voice to the downtempo track.

Together, the two vocal artists complement each other in the interchanging hook to create a melancholic and raw, yet catchy vibe.

“I was like a weapon always loaded, they picked the wrong second, I exploded,” Mile addresses his way to deal with outside pressure in the emotive lyrics, while Flip’s composition provides the ideal backdrop for SISKA’s and Mile’s contrasting voices.

The laidback trip hop song offers a melodic mix of gloomy rap paired with oracular vocals, delivering a mood that is perfect for chilled days spent relaxing at home.

Accompanying the new single is an impactful music video by Clemens Niel, featuring edgy poses, a rich colour palette, shadow play and sharp blades.

We predict you’ll play this one on repeat!