What do Ibiza’s autumn and winter have in store for us

Ibiza is known as the Paradise of Clubbing, or the place you have to go if you’re planning to fully enjoy your summer holidays. Internationally famous clubs like Pacha, Amnesia or Privilege jointly with outstanding beaches like Cala Tarida, Cala Salada or Cala Vadella, make Ibiza the heaven of summers.

But the White Island does not only have 3 months of life, “it is all about the music but it is not all about the summer”. During the rest of the year, Ibiza continues moving and it also has lots of things to offer us. Take advantage of the off-season and enjoy each minute in the White Island in a way you did never imagine before.

Today we want to show you some plans or things to do in order that you fully enjoy your Ibiza experience no matter when you go there.

  1. Walk the roads of Dalt Vila: Autumn mornings and evenings are perfect to walk calmly no matter with whom and to visit the Cathedral, the highest point of Dalt Vila. During the summer months, the high temperatures and the massive quantity of tourist provoke that you cannot enjoy every corner properly. Let’s enjoy the ride!

  1. Guided routes: If you really want to fully exploit the potential of the White Island, you may want to take some guided routes. These routes can be very different so you’ll end up having a complete experience. You can visit some unknown coves, special beaches or other parts of the Island like San Antonio, Santa Eulalia, San Juan…

  1. Enjoy the nature: Although nature is present during all the year, the excessive quantity of tourists makes that we cannot enjoy it. During the autumn and winter seasons, you can take delight of it in a way you couldn’t before. In those seasons, you can see and photograph the Almond trees blooming that give us a spectacular white landscape that is worth to be remembered. You can follow the Facebook page of Walking Ibiza and meet new people while walking through the island, or you can take your bike and spend a morning cycling. The island is entirely for you!

  1. Enjoy the typical gastronomy: You cannot visit the island without tasting its flavor. There are plenty of restaurants that are opened all the year and have some lunch menus for very reasonable prices between 10 and 15 €. Ibiza Sabor starts in October by presenting some typical restaurants around the entire island. Don’t go without tasting the “Bullit de peix” or the “Arroz de Matanzas”!

  1. Visit the street markets: During the whole year, street markets of Las Dalias, San Jordi or Cala Llenya are always a good idea. You can find very attractive homemade or second-hand products that entirely reflect the Ibiza essence. After taking a look at that, go and enjoy the magical sunsets the White Island give us.

As you can see, the Ibiza experience changes a lot depending on the season you are, but there are not better or worse seasons, they are only different. Each one has its charms and delights and you have to take them into consideration in order to fully enjoy the travel.

Although the Island lowers its heart rate during the other seasons, Ibiza rhythm is always present as Pacha Ibiza opens during the entire year… See you there!