Best breakthrough artists landing in Ibiza 2018.

This summer in Ibiza has been full of surprises in Ibiza. Djs from around the world have gathered on the island to offer their shows full of energy in

Space Ibiza prepares to be reborn

Just when twenty-nine years have passed since the mythical club opened its doors and after having closed two years ago, it seems that there are reason


The fifth edition of IMVF Festival is here now again. This year, in collaboration with Ibiza Global TV, they are anxious to announce The Ibiza Global


Summer is over, but the party continues. Here we offer you a selection of the best Playlists to make the winter warmer. Top Artists that make Ibiza on

Ibiza: from the 60s to the 80s!

Ibiza is one of the dream destinations of thousands of people. The pitiuse island has received different types of public during its different decades.

Clara Da Costa: Best Ibiza DJ at DJ Awards 2018.

Do you know Clara Da Costa? Clara Da Costa is a DJ and producer with a big influence in Ibiza. She arrived to the island at the age of sixteen and wa

Best summer electronic beats

During this summer a lot of artists have come to our studio in order to show their talent to the world . Are you ready to discover some of the best e

From Egypt to Ibiza: about mythology and its origins.

The origins of Ibiza are quiet interesting although they are not as known as other aspects of the island. In fact, Eivissa is notorious worldwide due

Is the Ibiza hippie movement still alive?

The island of Ibiza became known internationally for the arrival of hippies in the 60s. After World War II, many young Europeans and Americans, follow

Having fun and getting fit in Ibiza is possible: Sports that you can practice on the island

We have repeated it a thousand times. Ibiza is not just paradisiacal beaches … For example, music is one of the most important tourist attractio

House Music made human: LOUIE VEGA

Few presentations are needed. Louie Vega, better known as ‘Little Louie‘ is the one of the best house music dj’s, and could not miss

Let’s save the Posidonia. One action, global effect!

We talk about music, but we feel identified with more stuff. Ibiza is music, party, food, sightseeing, photos… and beach. Every one of us enjoy spen

The “payesa” gastronomy: the secret ingredient for your unforgettable holidays in Ibiza.

The fame of Ibiza is undoubtable. It is one of the favourite tourist destinations worldwide. It is a paradise formed by charming beaches, parties unti

Sapore Italiano, the great relation with Ibiza Global and our Italian friends

The Italian community on the white isle swells in numbers every year, which can only mean one thing: when it comes to music, it also keeps growing! It

Javi Viana, the sidekick at Deepfusion 124BPM’s

Javi Viana, also known as Viana, has been living in the island for a while so you all probably know him. The prolific dj and producer’s original s

Discover more about Balearic Beat, the original Ibiza Sound

You have probably heard the term about the Balearic Beat often; ‘The Original Ibiza Sound’. DJ Alfredo was one of the founders of this style and I

Some required photos of Ibiza to relive the experience

You’ve finally achieved your dream. You’re going to Ibiza! What an amazing experience is waiting for you. You have bought the plane tickets, you h

Electronic music for a better world

We are sure that you already are very well aware that electronic music is making your life better. But did you know that there are an electronic music

Why you should visit Ibiza more than once in life.

In this post we’re going to tell you some reasons about why you should visit Ibiza at least more than once during your life. Let’s start with

When the world went acid

Electronic music has a lot of sub-genres. In this post, we are taking a deeper look in how acid house developed and how did the acid subgenres appear

The four Cardinal Points of Ibiza.

Despite its small size, you can get completely different experiences depending on your location on the island. In this post, we are therefore splittin

A glimpse of Ibiza with Ibiza Global TV &

Ibiza Global Radio and TV has started a collaboration with the “Consell Insular de Ibiza” & is showing some

There are many Ibiza traditions & curiosities, discover it!

You probably know the most about clubbing culture and the history about some of your Ibizan favorite clubs, but how much do you know about the culture

‘It’s all about the music’ compilation 2.0

It has been more than a month since our previous post about ‘it’s all about the music radio show’ In other words, some Mondays and Fridays have

Ibiza is for everyone, discover it!

We have already mentioned the parties, coves and beaches. But is that just it? We think you already know the answer to that question – of course

Destination: Tulum, unforgettable cenotes, cute sea turtles and many more.

In connection with our Ibiza Global Showcase World Tour, we are broadcasting from Tulum, Mexico, the 4th of April. The tour has been created alongside

10 outstanding beaches of Ibiza

We told you about a list of some beautiful coves you can find in Ibiza. But that is not all! What about a day (or two, or a week) laying on the beach?

8 beautiful coves of Ibiza

Ibiza is an island with a warm climate many advantages. We don’t even want to mention the possibilities of clubbing because you already know that. L

Detroit: The roots of techno music

Detroit is the birthplace of techno. The history of Detroit techno began around the 80’s and early 90’s by the pioneers in the industry; Kevin Sa

Some of the very first House Music tracks ever made

Something was happening in Chicago during the late 70’s. The popularity of disco declined heavily and something needed to happen at the clubbing sce

The old Ibiza: The 00’s, the decade of change

Have you followed the development of the old Ibiza? Or else you can catch up on our posts here: The old Ibiza, the 60’s, a creative decade The o

The old Ibiza: The 90’s, the golden age

Maybe you have heard about or experienced the 90s in Ibiza Ibiza. Or maybe you have read our previous posts about Ibiza 60’s ‘the creative

It’s all about the music

The title says it all! This radio show by Ibiza Music On and Ibiza Global Radio is available every Monday to Friday with fresh new sets of new talents

This Ibiza photographer will take your breath away!

It’s February and there are still some months remaining before the calendar can announce that we finally made it to summer. But some of us can

Check out the firsts Deepfusion radio shows in 2018

Deepfusion 124 BPM radio show with Miguel Garji. We know Miguel from his daily radio show at Ibiza Global Radio and from the clubs where he is playing

Know more about Lopezhouse

This duo that comes from La Mancha is worldwide known due to their merits and their participation in some festivals and venues around the world. The e

Firsts of the year: The Radio Shows that welcomed 2018

2018 could not have started in a better way. We could enjoy during these first days of the year 6 sets of our home radio shows. It’s all about the m

5 techno sets to start the year in the best way

2017 ended but gave us great moments of good music. 2017 was a great year that offered us the possibility of enjoying the best techno and house music,

What has brought “Secuencias” by Toni Moreno this year?

Toni Moreno is a versatile DJ that is always forcing its music to the limits between house and techno. Its main radio show, “Secuencias” has turne

Top 10 Deep House December releases according to Beatport

The year is almost ended but this last month of December has brought us some tracks and albums of very high quality. In Ibiza Global TV, in our sectio

Most viewed Ibiza Global sessions in 2017

We are approaching the end of this amazing year and it’s time to recap and show you the most enjoyed moments of this last year. First of all, we wan

Amnesia Ibiza: Its unstoppable rising since the 90’s

You all know the importance and prestige Amnesia Ibiza has, but not all the people know about its beginnings. Amnesia’s building is a historic p

Some programs you will need for initiating in musical production

In Ibiza Global, we are mad for our work and for electronic music. We are delighted to have working hand-to-hand with us international DJs like Jose

Deepfusion 124BPM and its commitment to Spanish DJs

Ibiza Global TV is providing the best house music 365 days a year. Its live radio shows allow people to feel like clubbing while they are in their hou

Know more about the unique Bruno From Ibiza.

BRUNO FROM IBIZA is an integral part of Ibiza’s musical heritage. He released more than 20 compilations, most of them for CAFÉ DEL MAR selling mill

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC selection for your delight

September arrived and most of the people thought that summer and music had ended, but that’s not the reality. Ibiza Global TV continues offering hou

LG2D CLUB never disappoints and this selection is a proof of that

Finally, November arrived and we consider that it is time to recall and sum up what have some Ibiza Global Live radioshows offered us during September

Manu Gonzalez delivers one hour of energetic grooves at Ibiza Global Radio

Manu Gonzalez is one of the rare breed of home grown, super talented Ibiza DJs. Born on the sunny isle of Ibiza in 1990 this young DJ is now making a

What do Ibiza’s autumn and winter have in store for us

Ibiza is known as the Paradise of Clubbing, or the place you have to go if you’re planning to fully enjoy your summer holidays. Internationally famo

Check out Ibiza Global TV summer 17 highlights part 1

2017’s summer was great in so many different directions, it’s hard to say which was the best musical moment, but we’ll try to give you s

Javi Muñoz, one of the underground treasures of the island, doing what he does best.

Javi Muñoz is a well-known DJ and Producer born in Menorca and resident in Ibiza since 1990, so if you consider yourself an underground Ibiza expert,

Season Finale 2017 for It’s All About The Music Radio Show

It’s all about the Music… the exclusive DJ Mix Series curated by Music On during this whole summer has been delivering amazing music from

Caal B2B Mar-T are in good music shape. No doubt!

We were delighted to welcome back to the show, Amnesia Ibiza Residents DJs/Producers Caal and Mar-T for a two-hour back to back set. Caal and Mar-T di

Feel like you are in Privilege with the Pure Carl Cox chart

The clubbing in Ibiza during the last 20 years at least have no sense if we do not mention or not include Carl Cox, the true King of Ibiza. His name

Take advantage of the White Island and take your perfect picture

Ibiza is the heaven of Clubbing, a place where the whole world would want to live and where your holidays can become an epic trip. But beyond clubs, b

Meet Jesse Perez and enjoy with his music at Secuencias

Jesse Perez is a larger than life character who doesn’t like to reveal too much about himself. Instead, his big personality shines through in his mu

Woodstock 1969, the festival where the hippie fashion became trend

Forty-eight year ago, the mythic hippie festival celebrated in Woodstock, New York, congregated thousands of hippies, who represent a cultural curren

It’s All About the Music video compilation: 12th to 16th June

We are here, another week more, bringing you our collection of our It’s All About the Music program. These videos belong to the program which was

Watch now the pictures from The 1967 Summer of love, the event which initiated the Hippie culture

In 1967, in San Francisco, the Summer of Love was born as the great hippie utopia, which brings together thousands of hippies, most of them students

Collecting the essence of Italian electronic music

As all of you already know, we are celebrating our international expansion, exactly in Italy and Croatia. Thanks to our local partner Studio Piu, a ra

It’s All About the Music video compilation: 29th May to 2nd June

Here we follow with our collection of It’s All About the Music programs, focused on the best house, tech house and deep house that you can list

Claptone brings you his Golden Summer Ibiza 2017 Chart

What about Claptone? We know his nickname; we know he wears a gold mask and gloves and dresses smart for his parties. Claptone started in 2011 with Ex

Have a look at these music videos from old Ibiza Anthems

Once upon a time… Ibiza was ruled by trance rhythms such as Children, the main track of Robert Miles, or Offshore, one of the most famous song

Blue Marlin Ibiza x Ibiza Global Radio Live Radio Shows

Are you going to spend some days in the White Island during this summer? If so, we recommend you an irresistible plan to do in Ibiza. Know the place w

It’s All About the Music video compilation: 15th to 19th May

Along every week some of the famous DJs of the world visit our studios and play their best tracks and mixes in order to transport the listener to t

Refresh your mind with these 8 Ibiza coves videos

The summer is here and has begun with hot temperatures and sunny days, the perfect weather to come near the sea and enjoy the fantastic Mediterranean

The Old Ibiza: the 80, the decade that changed everything

Undoubtedly, the 80’s marked a before and after in Ibiza. It was when the island gained international presence, it became a musical motor where

‘Ibiza Openings’, the last chart of Tale Of Us.

Matteo and Karm shape the pair known as Tale Of Us, an authentic reference in the Ibizan parties. Matteo was born in New York and Karm is Canadian but

The Old Ibiza: the 70s, the Glamourous Period

Following our review of the recent history of Ibiza, today we are going to come back to the 70s, the period where the island was consolidated as a tou

The incredible beginnings of some of the best Ibizan clubs ever

Even if it looks like a lie, Ibiza has not always been the famous destination for clubbing that is nowadays. There was a time where there were no club

Come back to the 80s with these old photos of KU Ibiza

Summer is coming, the season is beginning and the Opening Parties have warmed up the most loyal clubbers. It seems that this season may be one of the

The Old Ibiza: the 60s, a creative decade

Ibiza, the island where clubs, house, beaches and great gastronomy combine perfectly, has not always been as we know it now. The history of Ibiza has

Matthias Tanzmann picks these tracks for Season 2017

Since 1996, Matthias Tanzmann has been rocking every club until becoming one of the most important DJ’s of the White Island. His music is the be

Ibiza Global TV reminds: “It’s All About the Music Marathon 2016” – Part 2

One month after the first It’s All About the Music Marathon filmed, in Ibiza Global TV we decided to film the second part, where Franz Costa, La

Ibiza Global TV Reminds: “It’s All About the Music Marathon 2016” – Part 1

It’s All About the Music, one of our main radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio have brought some of the famous DJ’s of house, deep house and

Warm up for Season 2017 opening with Los Suruba Red & Blue Chart

Delmar y Álvaro, aka Los Suruba, are a Spanish DJs duo, known for their unmistakable underground house music. Los Suruba was born in 2009, and now th

Dive into the Ibizan hippie atmosphere in Las Dalias

Las Dalias is, undoubtedly, one of the most important tourist attractions on the White Island. Its Saturdays’ hippie market is very famous and r

Tonight will be with us David Morales in our Ibiza Global Showcase

Since the early 80s, David Morales has been building a reputed career as Dj and remixer, so there’s no one who hasn’t heard about him. Kno

In June, enjoy Extrema Outdoor Belgium with Ibiza Global TV

If you haven’t heard about Extrema Outdoor Belgium yet, you probably need to take a look at this post. This festival, located in De Plas in Hout

The most viewed Boiler Rooms ever

We all know about Boiler Room, they are dedicated to broadcast concerts, live and DJ sets, from grime to Techno, from Classical to Drum’n’

The 5 Beach Clubs of Ibiza where you will want to live

Who doesn’t know Ibiza? Probably, the 80% of the world knows Ibiza and all that it can offer you. Ibiza is the perfect destination to sunbath in

More than 20 years later, Joey Negro produces with love his new album

After gathering his electronic classics in remix albums and a lot of compilations, Joey Negro (David Lee is his real name) will launch in June his new


OPEN EVERY NIGHT 1ST MAY – 15TH OCTOBER With summer now just around the corner, partygoers from around the world will be setting their sights on dan

This is how Amnesia’s Opening Parties Line ups have evolved since 2011

Saturday, 27th of May. Save the date. This is the opening date of one of the most promising seasons of Amnesia Ibiza. From a long time ago, 43 years e

Ibiza87: a travel to the beginnings of Acid house by Irvine Welsh

In the 80s, exactly, at the final of the decade, a new kind of house emerged from the Ibizan clubs and it was known as Acid House. If we told you a TV

10 vintage posters of Ibizan clubs we have recovered from the chest of memories

Are you nostalgic? Or maybe a vintage lover? In both cases, if you have visited Ibiza and have enjoyed its spectacular parties in some of the best cl

You must check these Boiler Room live sets as soon as possible

Today we have gathered a recompilation of 10 live sets which have been streamed by Boiler Room. As you know, Boiler Room is a broadcasting platform

10 club bangers selected by Hot Since 82

3 AM, peak hour, Hot Since 82 is playing in front of 1.500 people, he has recently played a quite chill track but now comes a bomb, a club banger, one


Circoloco has a tradition of assembling a monumental line-up for its opening and closing fiestas and, the good news, that continues in 2017. Monday Ma