Firsts of the year: The Radio Shows that welcomed 2018

2018 could not have started in a better way. We could enjoy during these first days of the year 6 sets of our home radio shows. It’s all about the music, Technical Deepartment, LG2D Club, Secuencias, Deepfusion 124BPM’s, Jordi Villalta Radio ShowWhat a way to welcome this New Year!

Secuencias by Toni Moreno

This trendy radio show always wants to feature the latest musical discoveries. This continuous improvisation and innovation allow us to listen to the limits of house music, forcing them in a very musical way combined with a personal groovy style.

In this radio show have participated some international artists like Nima Gorji, Laurent Garnier, Cassie

You can listen to this sound from Monday to Friday from 08-09 PM. And luckily, you can listen to “Secuencias” an additional hour on Mondays from 07-08PM.Don’t miss out!

In the first set of the year of this special radio show, we could not offer any better sound than the sound of its creator and broadcaster, Toni Moreno. The essence of the radio show, and one of the pillars of Ibiza Global.

Jordi Villalta Radio Show

This broadcaster and DJ of our team is a complete passionate of his work. The audience always loves his tasteful electronic music, both in his personal sets and also when he invites someone to perform. In order to achieve that, he always carefully selects the artist he invites.

Between his guests, you can find artists from the local and international house and techno scene.

If you want to listen to them, this radio show is scheduled on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10-11PM in Ibiza Global Radio.

In the first set of 2018, we had as guest the Colombian DJ Eli Rojas.

This particular DJ came from a background of salsa, reggae and urban music but she opted for dub-step, deep and tech house. Her unique style combines influences of her roots with their musical passions.

It’s all about the music

Probably the most famous radio show of Ibiza Global. Its mixes and worldwide events combine the finest names and the bet for new talents.

This radio show has the privilege of collaborating in a Party Series with the label created by Marco Carola, Music On. Anna Tur, one of the main pillars of our loved Ibiza Global Radio and the broadcaster of this radio show, performs for that label.

In the first session of the year, the guest was Greeko.

This artist is “one of the most interesting and youngest DJs to discover in the upcoming future”, according to Resident Advisor. In this set, you can enjoy his beats, dark sounds and fuzzy vocalsHope you enjoy!

Technical Deepartment by Xabi Emparan

If you’re mad about deep house, this is the radio show that best fits your demands.

Directly coming from our headquarters, this radio show is hosted by our mastermind Xabi Emparan. You can always listen to an elegant selection of good deep house tracks carefully chosen by him for your delight.

If you want to listen to his sound, you can make it by listening to Ibiza Global Radio. Technical Deepartment is scheduled on Saturdays from 12 AM – 01 PM. The wait is worthwhile due to the quality of the music.

LG2D Club by José María Ramón

This DJ is special not only for being one of the components of Ibiza Global but also because he was born on the White Island.

His popular radio show can be listened from Monday to Friday from 05-06 PM. Its house and deep house is always liked by lots of people and this video shared before will be a proof of that.

For the first session of this New Year, the artist invited was the DJ Mine Mia.

This Cuban DJ comes from a family of musician and artists and was born in one of the most musical cities of the world, Havana, so she has got natural rhythm.

She studied audio-visual production and started being a videographer, recording and filming raves and tech house parties through Italy.After that, she discovered that her passion was not filming but performing, and decided to bet for that. In 2013, she came to Ibiza because she became the DJ resident of Hotel Migjorn for 2 years. Since that, she has been performing in more famous clubs of the White Island.

Let’s listen to her!

Deepfusion 124BPM’s by Miguel Garji

This radio show is continuously growing its fanbase and its deep house music is being liked every time for more and more people.

Deepfusion 124BPM’s bets for the country talent and it’s common to have Spanish guests performing. You can always listen to this sound from Monday to Friday starting at 12 AM during 2 magical hours, and later on, one extra hour starting at 06 PM.

The DJ designed to perform in the first session of 2018 was Toni Copas. This DJ born in Valencia has a very particular style and a great taste in selecting the tracks he wants for his set.

He’s one of the main DJs of the Valencian label theBasement. This innovative label is always discovering new talents and is trying to offer electronic rhythms characterized by its quality. You can listen to that in his weekly radio show or you can dive right in if you go to his popular venues, “Días de Campo”.

Let’s stop talking and let’s enjoy the music!

As you can see, 2018 could not have started in a better way. And this is only the starting point of what is coming.

It’s going to be a good year for our audience, we promise!