Collecting the essence of Italian electronic music

As all of you already know, we are celebrating our international expansion, exactly in Italy and Croatia. Thanks to our local partner Studio Piu, a radio transmitter from Milan, our music is now available for all Italian public, from the north to the south, in every corner of Italy people can enjoy the best electronic music ever. More than 50 frequencies will make our dreams come true, achieving to export the international house, deep house or techno that succeed in the White Island to one of our favorite countries.

Due to this expansion over Italy, we have collected recent videos about some Italian DJs who have visited our radio programs during these months. However, we can’t forget other great names of the Italian electronic music such as Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Mauro Picotto, Fabrizio Marra or Stefano Noferini, who have exported their excellent music to every corner of the globe and have achieved international reputation and fame. Great quality, perfect performance and passion for this music are their main common points. Indeed, Italy has become a land of top-quality DJs and we appreciate that in Ibiza Global Radio.

Buona visione!




Fabrizio Marra


Hugo Bianco


Marco Faraone


Matteo Gatti