Destination: Tulum, unforgettable cenotes, cute sea turtles and many more.

In connection with our Ibiza Global Showcase World Tour, we are broadcasting from Tulum, Mexico, the 4th of April. The tour has been created alongside ESTO ES TULUM group.
Even though it isn’t Ibiza, we still find the destination so amazing. We are therefore here giving an impression of Tulum.

You can easily find one beautiful spot after the other. Tulum offers a wide range of possibilities to enjoy the landscape, the city, the food and the beautiful nature. At the same time, the city is going through an increasing popularity which is resulting in more opportunities for tourists. 


One of the things Tulum is most known for is the cenotes. You can find a wide range of them, and to choose just one to visit can be an almost impossible task.
At the cenotes, you can go diving and snorkelling to explore the wildlife under the water. There is a cenote suitable for every person. You will find some that are big and open, underwater cenotes and for the adventurous person – secret cenotes that are hidden around in the surrounding areas. Perfect for day trips, sailing, exploring, diving or snorkelling.


When it comes to music, a lot of international music festivals are being held in this city.
World famous brands such as Corona and Heineken are hosting events with electronic music every year. Generally, the popularity of electronic music is going up.
You can also experience their full moon parties, or go to one of the many luxurious beach bars.

Mayan culture

Just as Ibiza, Tulum has previously been connected with the hippie movement, but the story goes way more back than that.
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Mayan ruins are founded a lot of places, dating back to the thirteenth century.
The Mayan ruins are a popular destination when visiting Tulum. They give the city a unique look and adds a special feeling to the place.
Because of its location, Tulum was in the Mayan period used as a seaport for trading. It is possible to still see some of the seven meters thick walls that once were surrounding the city. Tulum means ‘wall’ in the Mayan language.
A bit more far, an old Mayan castle facing the Caribbean cost prevails.
It is not only the ruins that witnesses about how the city once was, the culture is still influenced by the Mayan times. There is for example still a Mayan church and some of the habitats have a great knowledge of herbal healing, which they learned from their ancestors.

Sea turtles

What also is connected with this area of Mexico is the animals. Sea turtles to be precise.
It happens that people can see turtles go up to the sand at the beach to lay their eggs. The nesting season is from May to October.
The areas where they are laying their eggs can be locked in, securing that they are able to get the necessary quiet environment.  The turtle species are endangered, which is why the citizens of Tulum are protecting them as much as possible. The hotels near the beach even turn off their lights in nights in the nesting season in order to protect the eggs.
The beach, turtles choose to lay their eggs year after year is 7 miles long, so there should be enough space to both locals, tourists and turtles.













Tulum is an area that has a lot to offer. From historic Mayan ruins, amazing beaches, beautiful cenotes, turtles, turquoise water, culture art and music there is something to do and see for everyone.
They are currently in a development of improving their touristic industry.
It goes so fast that Tulum is becoming the new black – and we definitely understand why.
Even though the place gets more and more modern, an eco-friendly, sustainable attitude is dominating the whole area.
Tulum is gaining popularity, but it is not the most touristic city in Mexico and you will, therefore, have plenty of space for yourself.

With an average daytime temperature of more than 22 degrees, Tulum always has good weather conditions for a beach party or a walk in the increasingly modern city or a tour in the ancient ruins.

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