There are many Ibiza traditions & curiosities, discover it!

You probably know the most about clubbing culture and the history about some of your Ibizan favorite clubs, but how much do you know about the culture and traditions of Ibiza?

Ibiza has a lot of history attached to it and even though around 20% of the inhabitants are foreign, Ibiza still practices their unique traditions.
Because of the geographical location of the Island, a lot of cultures from various countries have had a role in it. This mix reveals influence from for example Arabic, Greek, Catalan, Italian, Norwegian cultures.

Ibizan Fincas

One tradition is very clear from the moment of arrival. The Ibizian Fincas (homes) are built in an architectural style that hasn’t changed in centuries.
The fincas never look exactly the same, but they all share the same style and structure. Similar to all of them is that the entrance almost always is facing south. This is to perceive as much sun as possible.
Another thing that witnesses about the many traditions that are collected on this small island are the names of the villages. All the villages are named after a saint. Every citizen knows when and how the yearly celebration of the saint of their village is held.

Picnic at the beach

The locals are also very much aware of the beautiful surroundings they are living in. That is why you sometimes can see families gather at a picnic at the beach at Saturdays and Sundays.
Food is an essential thing in Ibiza, and Spain in general. A lunch can take several hours and while people enjoy their seafood or tapas they can talk for hours.
Being social is important, so why not gather around traditional food while enjoying the time spent together?  It is not unusual that a meal is ended with a glass of Hierbas Ibicencas, a herbal liquor that can be found in a wide range of variations. Some families are making their own version, often instructed by a secret recipe that has been in the family for generations.

Dance and fiesta

Another way to be social together could be by singing or dancing, which is something the Ibizan people are famous for loving. Some of the songs are herniated from generations. The grandparent taught their grandchildren the texts, who then will teach their kids.
You can also experience the ‘ball pagés’ which is an old traditional dance.  The dance goes way back and shows clear signs of old, ancient traditions.
At ball pagés, the man plays a dominant role. He picks a woman to dance by doing a loud clack of his castanets while he is pointing at her.
The role of the woman is more submissive and she will not be looking at the dancer.  Meanwhile, the man is jumping, throwing his legs up in the air. It is seen as a privilege to be the first woman chosen to dance.

In general, the locals of Ibiza like to party and they have a lot of different festivals that all of them can be dated way back.
The people of Ibiza are proud of their culture and with good reason. Their culture and traditions are a part of the history that shaped the beloved White Isle.