Warm up for Season 2017 opening with Los Suruba Red & Blue Chart

Delmar y Álvaro, aka Los Suruba, are a Spanish DJs duo, known for their unmistakable underground house music. Los Suruba was born in 2009, and now they own 4 different labels: Suruba, their main label; Suruba Playa, warm music oriented to beach clubs; Suruba X, label with darker rhythms and sounds; and Suruba D, based on deep sounds.

Los Suruba are DJ’s, producers, mixers and designers of their own brand too, showing that they are capable of carrying out any project. “Fresh and high-quality music” is the perfect definition for its underground productions, which are the best example of the essence of clubbing.

Today we want to bring you their last chart in Beatport, enjoy it!

Alex Lario – Forever (Chicola Remix). Suruba Label


Be Svendsen – Twilight in Tankwa (Nico Stojan Remix). Rebellion Label


Kora (CA) – Caddo (Original). Sol Selectas label


Vivid, Etchar – Pertinacity (LUM in the Jungle mix). Nazca Label


Shkoon – Bushiya feat. Fruiterama (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix). Underyourskin Records


Vivid, Etchar – Pertinacity (Original Mix). Nazca Label


Hugo – Primitive (Original Mix). Suruba X label


SIS, Audifly, Audiofly & SIS – Asteroid (Original Mix). Kindisch


Hal Incandenza, HNIN – Winter (Henry Saiz Remix). Lost Worlds Records


Rigopolar- Love (Original Mix). Spa in Disco label